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Flagle wordle

Flagle Game

How to play Flagle?

Guess the Flagle in 6 guesses.

The game will present you with a flag, and your job is to identify the country or territory that the flag belongs to.

Next to the flag, you can simply see your guess. On the far right, the distance from your guess to the correct answer is noted. This can help you decide where to guess next.

On the far left, you can see the flag of your selected country. Even if your guess isn't the correct answer it will show the flag of your guess, just so you know what the flag looks like!

🟩 - Once you place a letter correctly, then future guesses must contain that same letter in the same position
🟨 - Once you place a correct letter in an incorrect location, then future guesses must contain that letter in a different location
⬜ - Once letters have been guessed and eliminated, then you can no longer use them

The number of valid words remaining appears at the top, and it will shrink with each guess. If the number gets too low, you can use one of your "UNDOs" to reverse course.

Be careful! If you accidentally enter the Wordle word, the game is over even if you have some UNDOs remaining.